[3.0.0] The Great War Update
21 August 2019

A great war has started between the two great factions of Eclipse, the Molten Order/Glacial Alliance! Fight in the new equalized TDM system, make your mark! More great things as well, check it out!

[2.6.4] Progression Update
07 August 2019

In this update we continued work on our PvP balance, some simple changes around the server as well as overall fixes that we think will make the experience better. Come see what's been done!

[2.6.3] Balance Hotfix on August 5th
05 August 2019

This update features a lot of PvP-balance driven changes, constantly being modified as PvP evolves and adapts for the players. As well as introduces a new guaranteed ultimate system. Check it out!

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In-game Item/Vote Shop

10 July 2019

Visiting the website is a thing of the past, manage all of your business right here in-game! Buy your items in bulk, or one at a time! Click "B" in-game to access our new interface for the shops!