Show off your fashion style!


You like this fashion's stats but don't like how it looks?
No problem! Head over to the Make Up Artist in Northern Flaris, and you can use the appearance of another fashion and keep the stats!

Put in the item you want to keep as Primary Item, and the item you wish to use as a skin as Sacrificial Item.
Be careful though! Transmuted fashions are untradeable. You can revert this by using a Revert Transmutation Scroll, available in the Donor Store.


You've got that rare fashion, but you wish you could apply its appearance on more than one statted fashion piece?
No problem, we've got you covered!

With the Wardrobe system, you can save a Sacrificial Item for later use, and transmute it on any item as many times as you'd like!
Simply place a Quantum Freeze upon transmutation, and your item will appear in your Wardrobe whenever you add an item of the same type as Primary Item.
You can obtain Quantum Freezes in the Vote Store.

Note: Whether you use a Quantum Freeze or not, the material version of the item will be lost.


Cool system, right?
We can't wait to see what fashion combinations you come up with!

So go ahead, expand your Wardrobe, and be as creative as you can!
Tons of possibilities are waiting for you to be explored!