Choose your path between Light and Dark!


Congratulations! You've fought your way up and reached level 150!
You can now choose one of the two Hero paths, Light or Dark.

To do that, you can head over to Solomon in Northern Flaris, and choose "Hero Grade Selection".
You will then be prompted with a window letting you choose one of the two available paths.

Don't worry though, you can always change your path later by resetting it.


You can now teleport to the Hero Grade area related to the path you've chosen. Press Start->Custom Content->Hero Grade, and click Teleport.
This will either teleport you to Bubble's Skygarden (Light Path) or Shade's Hallow (Dark Path)

Hero Grades start at grade D, and the final goal is grade S. Each grade consists of 10 sub-ranks.
You can increase your Hero Grade by killing monsters in this area. The monsters need to be the same Grade as yours to gain EXP. As you level up, you will be able to claim various rewards from the Hero Grade Window.


Every time you level up your sub-rank, you will gain rewards, which go as follow.

Every 4th level, you will gain a new Aura, and every 10th, a new Halo.
Every 7th level, you will gain a new mount.
Every other level will give you Hero Passes, which you can then exchange to Alwin in your Hero Grade area for items.
Finally, at rank S, sub-rank 10, you will gain a special skill depending on your class.


Through leveling your Hero Grade you've gained various rewards, but you can always reset it to farm more Hero Passes if you need them.

However, you will lose all other rewards, and will have to level your Hero Grade again to be able to use them.

That's it for this guide, become the best and make us proud!