Make your gear stronger and become the best!


So you've gotten yourself a piece of Netherbane Gear! Congratulations!

These items work a bit differently than the previous ones you may have seen on Eclipse.
For example, they don't use the classic Ultimate system, but a custom one called Everpower.

Don't be scared, we're gonna explain all of it in this guide!


After upgrading your Netherbane weapon or armor to +10, you will be able to enchant it to Everpower, to enhance its power.
The Everpower Conversion can be done at [Blacksmith Master] Augustus in Central Flarine, and is a guaranteed process, which resets your upgrades to +0, just like Ultimate.

To finish the Everpower Conversion you need a fixed amount of various items, that can be found at different places.
The Everpower conversion for Netherbane weapons requires Ethereal Everdust, Shreds of Power and Everpower Scrolls.
The Everpower conversion for Netherbane armor requires Arcane Everdust, Shreds of Power and Everpower Scrolls.


Once you have successfully enchanted your Netherbane gear to Everpower, you can continue upgrading it at [Blacksmith] Barsaeck in Central Flarine, by choosing the Safe Upgrade option.
To start upgrading your gear you will have to collect special upgrading material. Everpower upgrading requires Everdust and Shreds of Power.

As you upgrade your Everpower weapon, you will unlock Jewel slots just like you do for Ultimate weapons. These are filled with Dragon Stones, which you can remove using Reverse Enigma Codexes.

You may also notice you will unlock "Rerollable Awakening" lines (at +4/+6/+8/+10 for weapons, and +6/+10 for Armor pieces)
These lines can be awakened by using Power Serums and Iridescent Power Serums.


Good question! Here are all the locations:

- Everdust can be bought at [Mythical Fae Merchant] Millicent in Flaris.
- Ethereal Everdust can be purchased at [Mythical Fae Merchant] Millicent in Flaris.
- Arcane Everdust can be acquired at [Mythical Fae Merchant] Millicent in Flaris.
- Shreds of Power is sold by [Mythical Fae Merchant] Millicent in Flaris or dropped in Onima's Cave and Hillid Mountains.
- Everpower Scrolls can be dropped at Onima's Cave, Hillid Mountains and inside the dungeons at the Dimensional Ruins.
- Dragon Stones and Reverse Enigma Codexes can be obtained on Madrigal World Bosses.