Challenge yourself or take it easy. You choose.


Whether you want to take it easy with a solo Easy Mode dungeon or team up and test your strength with a Nightmare run, Eclipse gives you the freedom to run your dungeons the way you want to.

Dungeon Rewards will scale with the Difficulty the dungeon was ran at, so don’t shy away from the more intimidating runs, as your efforts will be rewarded!

There are four different Dungeon Difficulties available to choose from, so let’s go ahead and break them down.


Easy Mode is Eclipse’s Solo dungeon mode.

Easy Mode dungeons are limited to ONE character per instance, so no Healer or Tank will be able to accompany you this time.

Don’t fret, though - Easy Mode dungeons are balanced around a single player with the expected gear for the level of the dungeon - so long as you meet the level requirement, this should be a breeze!


Normal Mode is the standard dungeon difficulty you’ve come to expect from FlyFF.

This mode allows for a standard party of 8 players to take on the dungeon, and you should be able to complete it with two or three players. Don’t be afraid, it’s nothing too crazy!


The difficulty is ramping up! Hard Mode is similar to a Normal Mode dungeon but poses a little bit more of a challenge.

Hard Mode allows for a standard party of 8 players, but will require better gear and a slightly higher display of skill to complete.


A true challenge for only the bravest, Nightmare Mode is the difficulty for Eclipse’s most experienced players.

Nightmare Mode is a Raid Mode which matches TWO standard parties of 8 players to take on the extreme challenges inside. This mode is only for the strongest contenders, so beware!


To select a Difficulty, simply walk into the Teleportal at the entrance of the Dungeon as you normally would. A Pop-Up will appear, prompting you to select your Difficulty.

Make sure to choose carefully, because once you select your Difficulty, the dungeon run will count towards your daily entries.