Pets - The basic of basics guide

Always wondered what a pet is and how it works? Look no further!

What is a pet?

There are two kinds of Pets in Eclipse FlyFF. One Pick-up Pet (Or upgraded to Buff-Pet) and a so called Stat Pet.
Both can be bought either at the Pet Tamer, or from a player shop in Darkon City.
The Pick-up pet will follow you around and pick up any loot you drop when killing mobs. You can press U ingame to access a Pet filter and decide what items you want to pick up.
Your Pick-up pet can get an upgrade, and then be called a Buff Pet.
That means the pet will have 2 open slots to put beads in, and 7 slots that can be unlocked with a Bead Slot Key (costs 6VP in Vote store, per key).
If you have a Rare Buff pet (With a red mark in the corner) that also means it will act as a Buff Ball, simply buy pressing CTRL and clicking the pet.

How do Stat pets work?

You can buy an Egg at the Pet Tamers located in Flaris, Saint Morning, Darkon 1 and Darkon City. There is a Pet Tamer in Eillun, but it does not have the Trade or Feed bag options.
With the Egg, you have 2 options to hatch it; First option is to make Pet feed. This is made with Quest items. Simply gather Questies and click on the Pet tamer, then click the option Feed Bag, and place the quest items in the box to turn them into Pet feed. You might need a lot, so the second option might be better, faster and cheaper.
At the Pet Tamer, click Trade and buy the Egg Hatcher for 2.5m. Have the egg out, double click the Egg Hatcher in the inventory and it will hatch it for you.
Once you hatch the Egg, it can either become a Lion that gives you STA, Fox gives INT, Rabbit gives DEX, Tiger gives STR, Unicorn gives HP, Griffin gives DEF or a Dragon gives ATK.

Which Stat Pet should I use?

The best pet to use for your specific character is:
Blade, Jester and Billposter = Tiger (STR)
Elementor, Psykeeper and Ringmaster = Fox (INT)
Ranger = Rabbit (DEX)
Knight = Lion (STA)
Need more HP when you PVP? Use a Unicorn (HP)

You Stat Pet has 1 life when it hatches from the egg, meaning it can die one time and still be alive. But if it dies again, you will have to buy a scroll to revive it. (Revive only works on B, A and S class pets.) You can also buy a Pet Energy for 50 Donation Points (=Around 70m in player shop) to give your pet more life. One energy will result in a random life from 1-5.
The pet can die in 2 ways. Either because you don't feed it with Pet Feed. Or because you died when the pet was out.
To minimze the risk of forgetting to feed it, I suggest that you buy a Feed Bag. It lasts for 6 hours and costs 7.5m. This means that as long as you have enough Pet Feed in your inventory it will automatically feed your pet.

How do I level my Stat Pet?

Once you have your Pet you simply level it by having it out by your side while killing mobs. Your pet can level a total of 4 times from the level of D to C, B, A, S.
The perfect levels would be to get numbers 1/3/5/7/9 corresponding to D/C/B/A/S.
When you have the perfect numbers the pet will have a total of 1/5/16/38/75 of STR, DEX, INT or STA.
When you have perfect levels of Dragon, Unicorn or Griffin will have
Dragon = 5/25/80/190/375
Unicorn = 91/455/1456/3458/6825
Griffin = 4/20/64/152/300
Example: Rabbit on level B with 1/3/5 should have a total of 16 Dex to be considered perfect.
Example: Unicorn on level A, with perfect numbers = 1/3/5/7 should have a total of 3458 HP.
If you have further questions or thoughts you can always ask the community on the Eclipse Discord.