How to- A very beginners guide

This guide will give you the most basic of basics.

The ultimate beginners guide

Do you always start a game with hundreds of questions?
Even if you're a veteran FlyFF player or a complete beginner, this guide will help you with the most basic of basics.
How do you fly? Where can I buy Blinkwings? Where are the Exp scrolls and the Premium shop? These are just some of the questions you'll find the answer to.

How do I fly?

Eclipse FlyFF has special Hybrid Mounts which means that you can both run and fly with the same mount.
When you start, you will recieve an Ostrich that is free to use for 7 days. After the 7 days you can buy a permanent Ostrich at the Pet Tamer for 10m.
To use it, just double click it in the inventory (Or drag it to a number in the bar) and then walk normally to run. (Mouse click or WASD).
If you want to fly, simply double click spacebar.
NOTE! The camera view is locked, meaning you steer your direction with the pointer of your mouse.
To unlock, double click right mouse button on the screen to be able to move mouse freely, then move the mount by holding right click and drag the mouse in the wanted direction.
(Remember to scroll out for a better view!)

Where do i buy Blinkwings/TP

As a veteran player you might be used to buying Blinkwings to teleport to different parts of Madrigal.
In Eclipse FlyFF, we use a Teleport system, that you can easily access by pressing V in game.
You will see a list of possible teleport locations as well as the levels of mobs (Or required level) and a list of possible loot (for dungeons). Close to every spawn point you will find a Buff Ball. Click on it to get buffs before you head out to your adventure!

Where is the Premium store?

Located between the Eastern circles of Flaris you will find Cornelia the Premium Shop NPC.
She will be able to sell you items such as; Scrolls, Tickets and power ups.
Ticket areas for leveling are Azria, Traseia and Dark Traseia.
For money farming you can buy tickets to Coral Island (level 135) and Dark Azria (Level 150).
Power ups include; Upcut Stone, Grilled Eel, Flash Charm, etc.
Cornelia can also sell you Scrolls; Exp scrolls, Party Scrolls, Upgrade Scrolls and Level reduction scrolls as well as Item transys and Re-Stats.

Buff please

Eclipse FlyFF has a Buff Ball, that will give you 24 hours of the Assist buffs, as well as 1 hour of your OWN job buffs.
If you also wish for Seraph and Force Master buffs, you have a couple of options;
Either make that char for yourself, to be able to get the buffs whenever you need them and without needing to ask every AFK player in Flaris.
Or, ask every AFK player in Flaris.
HOWEVER; if you want Seraph or Force Master buffs, you have to be in the same party as that player. Meaning you might be asking someone to leave their party just to help you, or you need to risk losing your spot in your current party to get buffs.

Where do I level now?

Here is a quick not very detailed route to leveling that *most* players follow in some way or another. I will state the lowest level needed to move on to the next place. (9 level dmg gap, meaning you can be 9 levels below the mob you kill for most effectve damage)
Level 1-10 --> Flaris
Level 10-34 --> Saint Morning
Level 34-42 --> Garden of Rhisis
Level 42-64 --> Darkon 1
Level 64-108 --> Azria
Level 108-120 (+99.99%) --> Traseia
Hit Master and repeat Azria - Traseia
Level 121H-127H --> Traseia
Level 127H-145H --> Dark Traseia
Level 145H-150H --> Bahara Desert (Randera Camp TP)

For example: When you hit level 34 you are high enough level to do good damage to the lowest mob in Garden of Rhisis.
When you hit level 108 you are high enough level to do good damage to the lowest mob in Traseia.
NOTE: This is very general, and you should level any way you personally feel is best and makes you enjoy the game =)

How do I vote and sell points?

Eclipse FlyFF offers you the option to vote for their server. In return you get 6 Vote points. Those 6 Vote points currently (End July) sell for 60m-75m.
If you have the possibility, you can vote 3 times per day, resulting in 18 Vote Points and 180m-210m when sold. To vote 3 times per day you can do the following: Vote once via your PC, once through your phone (on Data, NOT WI-FI) and ask a friend or family member to vote on their phone as well.
Once you have voted, make sure to wait until you see the points in your account before you vote the next time. If you vote too fast, it might not register.
To sell your Vote Points there are 2 options:
1: Shout in game (Or write in Selling section of the Discord) and let players know how many points you are selling and for what price.
2: Buy items from the Vote Store (Press B in game, and go to Vote tab) and put them up for sale in a private shop for when you afk (Or use a vendor to play at the same time).