Mysterious Treasure Chest

Guide on obtaining unique items in Mysterious Treasure Chest.

How to get unique items in game?

Mysterious Treasure Chests are an item dropped on any masquerpet of any continent. Opening this Treasure Chest will award you with unique rewards!

How to obtain keys?

There are different kinds of keys available in game; Silver Keys, which you can buy in Vote Shop.

Golden Keys, which you can buy at Caesar[Battlegrounds Manager] using Battleground Coins. You can obtain Battleground
Coins by joining Team Deatmatch and Royal Rumble!

There is also keys available in the Donation Shop which will award you unique items that you can sell for a huge amount of perins!

How to use Keys?

Simply double click on the Mysterious Treasure Chest the same with the keys, and then press the 'Retry' button below. That's it!

Checking Key Loots

To check available loots from a key, you can go to Start -> Custom Content -> Item Database. Then type in the search box the word 'key' or the key you prefer to check. Double click its icon for a preview!