Rarity Fusing

Keeping the upgrades, piercings, diamonds and cards of a an item (i.e. green rarity) and keeping the rarity (i.e. red rarity) of the second item.

What is Rarity Fusing?

This keeps the good stuff from one rarity item and fusing it to a higher rarity of the same item. For example: Keeping upgrades, awakes, piercings, jewels, and so on!

Same Stats on both items

In order to fuse both rarities, they need to have the same stats.
For example, if your green rarity item has STA/STA stats, the red rarity item must also have STA/STA stats.

Not the same Stats?

Use a Gem of Rarity Re-Roll to change the stats of your item! They can be found at Zoro (Nefarious Medallion Merchant)

Ready to Fuse

When you are ready to fuse the items together, head over to Augustus (Blacksmith Master) in Flaris.

Script of Rarity Fusing

You will need a Script of Rarity Fusing in order to fuse the items together. This can be found at Zoro in Flaris.

The Primary Item is the item with the awakes/upgrades,etc. and the Sacrificial Item is the item you want the awakes/upgrades,etc to be fused into.

Please note: Your Primary Item will disappear.

Rarity Fusion Complete

Tada! Your rarity has been changed while keeping the good stuff from your previous rarity item.