Penya Making Guide

A guide on how to make penya for both beginners and experienced players

Starting Notes

1-This guide assumes you already have a seraph for both ringmaster and seraph buffs so if you don't, I highly suggest making one since their buffs are pretty much a must have, all farming done in penya areas is with an arcanist.

2-You should join a max level guild with all furnitures

3-Regardless of the type of farming you're doing you need to have at least an Upcut stone and Flash Charm active at all times, party skills are also necessary, especially linked attack as you wont be able to oneshot without it.

4-Having a vendor to sell your drops is highly recommended regardless of which of the farming methods you're using to make penya.

Creeper Farming Coral Island PT1

In the first part you need to set 2 main objectives: getting 100% dct, and one shotting with EVA storm. First of all buy a 135 staff, it costs around 1p and an adept set, the set costs around 75m-1p but you only need 4 parts.

So for the first one: how do you get 100 dct: 40 from 135 staff, 20 from 105 set, 10 from adept, get both dct beads for another 15, then get the remaining 15 dct in gaunts (because it's easy) and on a weapon awake, since you'll keep the weapon but you'll get 135 set eventually.

To one shot with EVA:Get a fox with 30-40 int ,make your set +3 and put 2-3 piercings on it(i tested with 3 but i feel like 2 is enough) with lightnings 4%, and as long as you fullfilled every requirement in the starting notes and the ones mentioned above you'll be able to oneshot, if you still can't you're close to it so just get an int awake in your helmet. At this point you should be able to make 2.5-3 perins/hour.

Creeper Farming Coral Island PT2

In the second part your main objective is being able to one shot with Meteo Shower.

To do so, you need around 120k attack from my experience, the gear shown to the side will grant you enough stats to oneshot with meteor, as you can see you need full 135 basic gear upgraded you don't need bravery cloak just get int beads or the pve % bead, now you should be able to get close to 4p/hour but not quite, so what do you do now?

You get as much speed as you possibly can, get a speed awake in your suit, look to get FWC boots, they give 10% speed and only cost 3p from other players, you can also get the carpet from Fae that gives 10% speed for 7 days it should cost you a few perins at most and last a cloak,they're 25-30P.

At this point you should be able to farm 4p+/hour, several hundreds of moons/suns and masquerpet coins.

Dark Azria Farming

This part will be less in dept as i have not done it myself. It is currently the best way to farm penya directly from monsters. It is done in the ticket area called Dark Azria ,you need a 150 arca with 185-195k attack ,T1 fwc silver suit and a tier 1 skill damage mask (int)

Regarding gear, some users have reached said attack with full 150 equips with low rarities while others have done with a 150 staff + 135 highly upgraded and high rarity equips with great awakes so keep in mind you can do it both ways as long as you have the fashion part mentioned and the mask.

Its up to you if you believe this is worth it or not, other users have reported the penya gains in Dark Azria to be anywhere from 5 to 6 perins per hour,if you are a new player ignore this method of farming and farm coral for a while, its expensive to gear to farm Dark Azria so you cannot do it at the start.

World Bosses

Warning:This is the only method listed where you dont farm penya directly, and although there are other methods,this is the only one i will list on this guide, because it pretty much doesnt even require you to stop penya farming.

Make a lvl 150 1v1 class as they have higher DPS than eles and you need a 2nd character anyway, i recommend BP/YJ/Menta with 135 equips, make sure you have around 40k hp so you can give yourself some breathing room (wb aoes are around 17k), if you're farming when worldbosses spawn just open another flyff client, log your 150 character and take it to worldboss and just alt tab to it once each 15 seconds to use food or to check if the boss has done two aoes(which will mean you're at low hp), always try to have seafood active since it heals you overtime.

Check the Section Under this one to see the prices of the items that drop from it.

Drop Prices

Keep in mind these are more or less the prices of the items at the time im writing this guide (24/07/2020)

Drops from penya Farming:
Moons:100-125k; Suns:They dont even sell at 20k
7% Lightning:1-1.5p
7% Volcano/Earth:20-25m
Fire A/Water A:75m-1P
Land A/Eletric A:40-75m
Wind A:30-40m

Worldboss Drops:
Diamonds(20 orbs for one):13-15m each
Dragon stone:5-7 perins each
Reverse Codex:1,5-2 perins each

Final Notes

Just some final thoughts i didn't list in the other sections:
I don't recommend making a blade as your worldboss farmer because blade is way more expensive than other classes.

The stats in the Dark Azria section were provided by users like Olli and Iluay (and some that aren't playing anymore) so credit to them.

You can obtain FWC bronze/gold boots/gaunts from Battlegrounds or from hero grade and mask from siege or hero grade.
Forcemaster has two 5% atk buffs so you might want to use that as your 150 class.

Make sure to vote every day, as you can do so up to 3 times and VP sells at 60m for 6 VP.

I hope this guide helped you in some way.