Daily Quest Areas

Feeling lost in Unycia and Sengius Forest? After reading this guide you will finish the daily quests in no time!


This guide is an addition to the official guide regarding the daily quests. If you didn't read it yet and you aren't familiar with daily quests at all, I'd recommend reading it first.

Basically the main part of this guide are the maps of Unycia and Sengius Forest.
So if you want to spare yourself some reading, you can skip it since the maps are self-explaining.

Besides that this guide will provide an overview of the quests, information regarding quest types and the Fae coins amount for completion.
But remember you can also check every single quest via "Q" ingame.


Pick-up 5 times (10 Fae Coins):
- Lost Carrots
- Missing Elixir

Defeat monsters 20 times (10 Fae Coins):
- Bear Invasion (Bartholomew)
- Teddi Revenge
- Dizzy Zambuto
- Asla Plague

Obtain 10 quest items (15 Fae Coins):
- Ruby Galore (Bartholomew)
- Unique Ring (Asla)
- Fish Dinner (Zambuto)
- Sweetest Honey (Teddy)

Defeat a mini boss 1 time (15 Fae Coins):
- Awoken Undead (Siegrist closer the spawn point)
- Return of Siegrist
- Magical Being (Monson)
- Rampaging WangWang
- Hungry Kabbash

Defeat a boss 1 time (50 Fae Coins)
- The Wandering Giant (Kururung)

Sengius Forest (1)

Pick-up 5 times (10 Fae Coins):
- Queen's Cup (Iron Pebble)
- Extravagant Costumes (Feathered Tar)
- The Antidote (Viterious Root)
- Forbidden Spells (Spectral Gem)
- Honeydew Festival

Defeat monsters 20 times (10 Fae Coins):
- Time to Hibernate (Grizznerky)
- Reindeer Rampage
- Thinning the Herd (Sacred Mammoth)
- A Strange Pathogen (Contaminated Aibatt)
- Nagle Nuisance
- Froggy Frenzy
- Chiefs of the Forest
- The Chopping Block (Jim the Axe)
- The Une Trial

Obtain 10 quest items (15 Fae Coins):
- Fashion Piece (Grizznerky)
- Boar Club (Warrior Oinkastein)
- Sound of Gold (Abandoned Reindeer)
- Sacred Tusk (Sacred Mammoth)
- Cursed Eye (Contaminated Aibatt)
- Precious Fruit (Nagle)
- Fine Delicacy (Backwood Trooper)
- Divine Weapon (Chief Polardash)
- Jim's Axe (Jim the Axe)
- Beautiful Petals (Une)

Sengius Forest (2)

Defeat a mini boss 1 time (15 Fae Coins):
- Raven's Nest
- Magical Spores (Magi Mushroid)
- A Stone's Throw Away (Boulder Guard)
- Super Trooper ([Leader] Backwood Trooper)
- Winged Terror (Olmino)
- Source of the Contagion (Contaminated Giant Mushmoot)
- A Looming Threat ([Giant Crystal Beetle] Ramgram)

Defeat a boss 1 time (50 Fae Coins)
- Terrors of the Night ([Werewolf King] Sadley)
- The Golem King (Limestone Golem)

This is the path I would recommend for Sengius Forest to avoid walking the same way more often than necessary.
But of course sometimes parts of this can be skipped depending on the quests you get.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much HP do I need?
Usual monsters deal ~1.000 damage
Mini bosses deal ~8.000 damage (be aware of double hits!)
Bosses can deal ~35.000 damage
Special note: someone else can tank them for you, only the Limestome Golem has an aoe attack (avoidable by kiting the Golem with the tank).

You should be fine with activating a grilled eel, using Seafood Pancake, Remantis Laccotte and maybe Yellow Pills.
For the three bosses I would recommend 50.000-60.000 HP and if you feel too comfortable, feel free to adjust.

How many times can I do daily quests?
You can complete daily quests two times but you need to do them on two different characters.