Crafting Tier 2 Items

Want to improve the attributes that your fashions, masks and cloaks give? This one is for you!

Where to craft tier 2 materials?

Note: This guide assumes that you already have the main tier 1 items (cloak/mask/FWC fashion parts).

For you to craft tier 2 items, you must first go to [Blacksmith Master] Augustus NPC located at Central Flarine.

Tier 2 items

These are the tier 2 items that can be crafted through this NPC:

1. Backwears/Cloaks
2. Costumes/Fashions (FWC)
3. Masks


Backwears/Cloaks that can be crafted are as follows:

1. Cloak of the Tiger (STR+40, Auto Attack+6%, Critical Damage+30%)
2. Cloak of the Horse (STA+40, Increased DEF+12%, Max. HP+3000)
3. Cloak of the Rabbit (DEX+40, Auto Attack+6%, Attack+600)
4. Cloak of the Sheep (INT+20, Skill Damage+6%, Attack+6%)
5. Cloak of the Dog (ALL STATS+20, Max. HP+24%, Speed+20%)
6. Cloak of the Dragon (ALL STATS+20, PvP Damage+12%, Speed+12%)
7. Cloak of the Snake (INT+60, Max. HP+20%, Healing+60%)
8. Cloak of the Monkey (STR+24, Max. MP+12%, Speed+12%)


Costumes/Fashions that can be crafted are as follows:

1. Dignity Set (Helm: STA+40, Suit: Max. HP+10%, Gauntlets: Increased DEF+10%, Boots: Speed+20%)
2. Windtracker Set (Helm: ALL STATS+20, Suit: PvE Damage+10%, Gloves: Attack+10%, Boots: Speed+20%)
3. Dragon Armor Set (Helm: ALL STATS+20, Suit: PvP Damage+6% & MP+6%, Gloves: Attack+10%, Boots: Speed+20%)

Note: There are separate parts that can be crafted depending on the character's gender. Each costume part is also crafted individually.


Masks that can be crafted are as follows:

1. Sentinel Mask (Max. HP+16%, STA+16)
2.Dreamweaver Mask (Auto Attack+6%, STR+16)
3. Twilight Mask (Max. MP+10%, STR+16)
4. Ace of Diamonds Mask (Skill Damage+6%, STR+16)
5. Catburglar Mask (Auto Attack+6%, DEX+16)
6. Court Trickster Mask (Skill Damage+6%, DEX+16%)
7. Marquis Mask (Healing+40%, INT+16)
8. Shattered Gold Mask (Skill Damage+6%, INT+16)

Crafting Materials

Apart from the main items, you also need some crafting materials for you to be able to craft your tier 2 items.

Crafting Materials from Donate Keys:

1. You can get Dimensional Fragment, Power Cube, Sorcerer's Unlock, Kingdom's Hidden Rune, Queen's Cursed Crown, Napoleon's Faithful Compass, Chillrend's Ethereal Ice and Conqueror's Blood (which are used on crafting cloaks) from Diana's Shroud Keys.
2. You can get PvP Supply Crate, Mage's Unlock and Lost Relic of Time (which are used on crafting costumes) from Apollo's Raiment Keys.
3. You can get Ancient Geode, Everdew Mold, Stone of Fortitude, Spiral Gust, Atmospheric Diamond, Nature's Force, Explorer's Crystal and Shard of Anguish (which are used on crafting masks) from Vesta's Masque Keys.

Crafting Materials from Mythical Fae Coins and Dungeon Drops:

Additionally, some crafting material can also be bought from [Mythical Fae Merchant] Millicent NPC (located at Flarine North) using Mythical Fae Coins.

Some others can also be looted from Onima and Hillid Mountains (solo dungeons).

Note: You should also keep in mind that upon crafting tier 2 items, blessings and transmutations will be removed from your main items (cloak, costume and mask) and tier 2 items will become soul-linked to your character upon equipping them (they can be unbound up to 5 times).