Level 135 Dungeon Guide

A guide on hunting 135 items (weapons, accessories, and armor) for your character.

How to get there?

Like other dungeons, 135 dungeons are located at different parts of the map. You can get there by mount or by using the Teleport System (press "V").

There are five dungeons to explore. Each dungeon drops various items:

1. Ankou's Asylum
2. Kalgas Cave
3. Isle of Dreams
4. Abysal Cove of the Ancients
5. Les Brittania S

You get four entries per dungeon every day. So you get more chances of obtaining items.

What items do I get?

You can get different items per dungeon. Each dungeon drops random items. Unlike level 75 and level 120 dungeons where you get special boxes, at level 135 dungeons you get random equipment parts and/or weapons.

Drop rate varies with item rarity as well. Common drops are green (+2/+2) in rarity and blue (+5/+5) in rarity. Uncommon drops are yellow (+10/+10) in rarity and red (+18/+18) in rarity.

Accessories can be found at Abyssal Cove of the Ancients

Note: You can check the obtainable loots when you select the dungeon of your choice at the Teleport System

Recommended characters

If you're trying to run this dungeon solo the way you did at level 75 and level 121 dungeons, it's going to be difficult. Make sure you have at least two characters - one tanker and one hitter to run these dungeons.

Unless you already have 135 items, it's recommended that you get full Seraph and Force Master buffs to survive the dungeons on your own.

Don't worry, it gets easier.

Tank-type items

STA/HP items are useful for tank-type characters for PVE/PVP. You can get them from these dungeons:

1. Ankou's Asylum: Weapons
2. Kalgas Cave: Armor

Damage-type items

Soulreaver items are important for damage dealing. You can get these items from the following dungeons:

1. Isle of Dreams: Weapon
2. Les Brittania S: Armor