How to create a guide

This guide will teach you how to create a community guide for Eclipse FlyFF

Log in to the game and website

You need to be logged in to your account on the website to create a guide.
Additionally, you need to have logged in in-game at least once.

You can log in to the website by clicking "Sign In" on the top right corner of your screen. Then, enter your credentials.

Once you're done, just come back to the Community Guides page, and click "Create guide" to access the guide creation page.

Create your guide

Next, you're gonna need to get to work. Which means, figure out a guide subject, and start your creation!

You're gonna need to enter a title, a description, and link an image for the guide. These will be the first thing people see about your guide, so make sure they're attractive and describe the content well enough!

Once you're done figuring that out, it's time to write the content. All guides follow the same layout, which means several rows made of a title, a few paragraphs of text, and an image or a youtube video.
You can add as many rows as you'd like, however don't confuse the reader with too much information.

You can save your guide to view it, and edit it again afterwards.

Make sure to save from time to time, in case you end up having an issue somewhere down the line, as to not lose your progress.

The validation process

Once you're done polishing up your guide, you will have the option to publish it.
Publishing a guide means forwarding it to the staff team for validation.

They will read it and determine if it is appropriate, useful, and accurate enough for the community.
If it is, it will be made public, and you will be rewarded with Eclipse Suns for your effort. In case it is not, don't panic; your guide will be sent back to your "My guides" section of the website, so you can edit it again and maybe publish it again later.

Make sure there isn't another guide on the same subject as yours either. In which case, it will most likely be refused.