Patch Notes v1.10.4

23 March 2021

Hey all, time for patch v1.10.4!
We're removing the RPS event, buffing drop rates, fixing some bugs, and adding new fashion!


  • Fixed a few client crashes
  • Added the missing dungeon entry images
  • The drop rates of the monsters inside Ivilis Temple have been tweaked
  • We decided to double Terrenrial and Phantom Realm drop rates
    • The amount of Nefarious Medallions obtained from Level 150 Gear dismantling has been halved
  • Fixed a bug with the item "Red Crimson Overlord Hat"
  • The Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupons have been removed from the NPC and the Drop Table
    • Please note that the princess will stay in town for some time, allowing you to play RPS with your leftover Coupons
  • The hitbox of Mechanical Core has been fixed

Donor Store

  • Adbane has been removed from the Zodiac Key
  • Mystical Night Griffin mount has been added to the Solstice Key, it will be removed in 3 days
  • NEXT White's Costume, Battle Armor Costume and Wings are now obtainable in the Astral Key, it will be removed in 3 days

That's all for today, we'll see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.