Patch Notes v1.10.3

12 March 2021

Hi all, welcome to patch v1.10.3!
Today we're bringing back the RPS event, along with starting a double EXP event and bringing back old keys for the weekend.


  • A Rock-Paper-Scissors event has started!
    • You can play Rock-Paper-Scissors with the Princess in Flaris until the 21st of March
    • Each session will cost a Coupon. A RPS session lasts until you lose one round or opt out.
    • You can acquire Coupons at Carnelia for 10 millions a piece, or inside of the Dimensional Ruins dungeons (all modes)
    • Depending on how many rounds you win in a row, you will gain a reward when opting out:
      • 1 Round: 1x Rocket Crackers
      • 2 Rounds: 5x Seafood Pan Cakes
      • 3 Rounds: 5x Scrolls of SProtect
      • 4 Rounds: 35x Scrolls of Awakening
      • 5 Rounds: 15x Blessings of the Goddess
      • 6 Rounds: 5x Scrolls of XProtect
      • 7 Rounds: 1x Dream Shard
      • 8 Rounds: 1x Dragon Stone
      • 9 Rounds: 1x Burelm Pick-Up Pet
      • 10 Rounds: 1x Golden Four-Leaf Clover
        • You can exchange Golden Four-Leaf Clovers with an admin for perfect rarity rolls of your choice, on any gear piece of your choice
        • Please note the following:
          • You have to provide the corresponding gear piece along with the Clover
          • The rarity will stay the same, as in we will NOT be exchanging Yellow rarities for Red rarities
  • The drop rates and HPs of the monsters in Ivilis Temple and Dekane Mines have been tweaked
  • Fixed a bug preventing people from running Easy Mode if they had run another difficulty beforehand
  • A double EXP event has started, and will last until Sunday, 14th of March at 23:59

Donor Store

  • Older Donor Keys have been made available again, those will stay until Sunday, 14th of March at 23:59

That's all for today, see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.