Patch Notes v1.7.8

14 October 2020

Heya everyone,
Welcome to patch v1.7.8, our pre-expansion patch!
In this patch, we're preparing the client for the expansion, a lot of client optimization, and adding some new fashion.


  • Pre-patched the client for a big part of the expansion
  • The client has been hugely optimized and should run much smoother

Donor Store

  • The following keys have been removed from the Donor Store:
    • Celestial Key
    • Ecliptic Key
    • Supernova Key
  • The following keys have been added to the Donor Store:
    • Asterism Key
    • Meteor Key
  • Retrogade Key: The NEXT Black set and wings have been replaced with the Rosalia Set
  • Astral Key: The [Evil Dragon] Qimed mount has been removed
  • Asterism Key: Fomortis will be removed from the key loot with the upcoming expansion

Additional Notes

  • The official launch date for the expansion is 23rd of October!
    • We will be releasing a trailer showcasing the content soon

That's all for today, see you next week for the expansion!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.