Patch Notes v1.10.2

19 February 2021

Hey everyone, welcome to patch v1.10.2!
Our Valentine's event is here! We have also made some changes to drop rate.

Valentine's Event

  • Cupid has come to Madrigal and dropped his Lover's Roses all around the world, in an effort to spread love!
  • A Mysterious Boy has appeared in Northern Flaris, he seems to want to collect them. You can exchange Lover's Roses to him for goodies!
  • Additionally, a double EXP event has started, and will last until Sunday, 21st of February at 23:59.


  • The drop rates for Reverse Enigma Codexes and Dragon Stones have been increased
  • The chance of obtaining gear of Legendary rarities have been increased in Normal and Hard modes
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from viewing the unbind count of items in the "View Equipment" interface
  • Divine Shreds of Power and Divine Everdust have been added to the Hero Grade NPC

Donor Store

  • The Hailstorm Key has been removed from the Donor Store
  • The Cupid's Key has been added for one week to the Donor Store

That's all for today, see you in-game, and spread the love!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.