Patch Notes v1.10.1

01 February 2021

Hey all, welcome to patch v1.10.1!
Today we're tweaking the new rarity system a bit, and fixing a few bugs.


  • You can now see the stats of locked rarities
    • Please note the text will be strikethrough when the rarity is locked, meaning the stats will not take effect on the character
    • You can unlock rarities at Augustus in Flaris
  • The damage of the monsters in easy mode for the Hero Grade dungeons has been corrected
  • The Penya drop rates have been reduced for both level 150 and level 160 dungeons
  • Team Deathmatch has been removed
  • Fixed a bug with Red Tribal Suit (F)
  • Luxurious Goggles are now Unisex

Balance changes

  • Psykeeper / Mentalist
    • Laughter of la Croix now reduces the total damage dealt by 10% instead of reducing the ATK

Donor Store

  • The old keys that were temporarily available have been removed again

Additional Notes

  • We will be starting a Clockworks event on Sunday at 15:00 server time
  • Upcoming weekend double drop for HG dungeons

As usual, thanks for reading, and we'll see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.