Patch Notes v1.10.0 - Guild War & Casualization

27 January 2021

Hey y'all, welcome to patch v1.10.0!
Today we've got a lot of new stuff, the biggest stuff being our custom Guild War system, and the big rarity and loot changes we announced previously in our Discord.
Let's jump right in!

Guild War System

  • The Guild Leader can sign up and pick a game mode at Caesar in Northern Flaris
  • There is two game modes: Death match and Time limit
    • Both game modes last 20 minutes
    • In Time Limit, every member has unlimited lives. The guild with the most kills wins.
    • In Death match, every member has 20 lives. The guild that defeats all of the members of the opposing guild wins.
  • Upon registration, the Guild Leader can pick an area for the fight to take place in
  • Once registered, other Guild Leaders can see your guild registered and send you a match request
  • After the match is accepted, a lobby is created, in which Guild Leaders can prepare their line-up and set their bets
    • It is possible to bet Penya and up to 12 items
  • When ready, Guild Leaders can confirm their line-up and bets by clicking on "Ready"
    • This will prompt an "Accept match" window, which has to be accepted within 30 seconds, if not, the match will go back to line-up state
  • Bets are taken away from the inventories once both guilds have accepted the match
  • After a 30 second preparation time, the match will begin
  • Bets will be sent by mail to the winning guild at the end of the match
    • In case of a draw, both Guild Leaders will receive their own bets back via mail
  • If all guild members are outside of the area, the opposing guild will win 1 point every 4 seconds
    • The area is marked with a red circle

New Rarity system & Loots

  • Hard mode has been removed from the Dimensional Ruins dungeons
    • Normal mode now has the same balance as Hard mode used to have
  • Hard mode has been removed from the Hero Grade dungeons
    • Normal mode now has the same balance as Hard mode used to have
  • Nightmare mode has been removed from Enmeda Woods, Spacetime Factory and Soul Sanctuary
    • Hard mode now has the same balance as Nightmare mode used to have
    • Normal mode now has the same balance as Hard mode used to have
  • Loot rates have been increased for the following dungeons:
    • Terrential
    • Hollowvale Forest
    • Phantom Realm
    • Enmeda Woods
    • Soul Sanctuary
  • Easy Mode (Solo) has been added to the following dungeons:
    • Terrential
    • Hollowvale Forest
    • Phantom Realm
    • Enmeda Woods
    • Spacetime Factory
    • Soul Sanctuary
    • Etherild
    • Dracfield
  • Uncommon and rare Netherbane and Yggdrasil items are no longer in the loot tables
  • 3 items are now required instead of 1 to reset a rarity's re-roll count
  • Items will now drop with their rarity hidden, which can be unlocked through the same process as rarity resetting


  • Masterwork Key will now give 4 Forseti Crystals instead of 1
    • Players who have opened Forseti Crystals will have 3 more Forseti Crystals sent to them
  • You can now register a guild for Guild Siege at any given time
  • Resurrection points and last life points have been brought back to Guild Siege
  • Red Beads' names now point out that they are untradeable
  • Record & Dungeon Leaderboards have new window designs
  • Pet Tamer now allows you to quickly reroll your pet's rank
  • Removing a Red Bead from a buffpet will no longer destroy the bead
    • Instead, it will go back to the inventory
  • The vendor placements in Flaris have been adjusted
  • Legatus Brooch is no longer obtainable from Hero Grade dungeons
  • Foretrem in Enmeda Woods will no longer double hit
  • The chance of success for upgrading using Roots of Remedies and Cube of Chance has been increased
  • The Equalized and Red Chips shops have been entirely revamped
    • Please note we have more changes coming for these two shops with the next patch
  • All the current Red Chips have been converted to Blue Chips
  • The Blue Chips merchant has been brought back to Flaris
  • All Dragon Armor pieces now give -20% PvE Damage
  • All Dragon Armor pieces besides the suits have been converted to Windtracker
  • Twilight Mask will now give +16% PvP Damage instead of +16 STR
  • Carnival Mask will now give +8% PvP Damage instead of +8 STR
  • Flaris has been reverted back to original

Donor Store

  • All of the old keys are back in the Donor Store until the end of the weekend

Additional Notes

  • We have been exchanging items for their old recipes, please note this will no longer be possible starting next week

That's all for today, see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.