Patch Notes v1.0.1

23 December 2019

Welcome everyone to the first patch of Season 1!
This patch includes some bugfixing as well as changing some descriptions that may be confusing to new players.


  • Corrected some minor text/description issues
  • Corrected some minor card issues
  • Fixed the world server crash issue that occured yesterday

Developer Notes

  • We will be adding our endgame farm map called Dark Azria later today, along with adding more cosmetics to the Donor Store.
  • A dev log will be available in a few days explaining the Raid dungeon, Nightmare dungeon modes, our Hero Grade system, and Achievements.
  • We have also received some feedback regarding the seasonal system and we will make a poll after 2 months to see if the community wants to go through with it.

We hope you all enjoy Eclipse FlyFF!
The Eclipse FlyFF Staff team.