Patch Notes v1.4.0 - Secret Room

04 May 2020

Hey y'all!
Welcome to patch v1.4.0, where we're implementing Secret Room and a Record Book, and adding a few quality of life changes to make your life easier on Eclipse!

Secret Room has opened

  • You can register your guild for it at the Secret Room Manager in Northern Flaris
  • Monsters inside this area loot Dragon Hearts
  • If you fall behind other guilds, you will gain a Catch-Up buff empowering your entire line-up
  • Once a guild completes the entire dungeon, it closes for everyone
    • Every guild that hasn't dropped out will receive rewards based on their performance
  • This system runs:
    • Every Wednesday at 20:00 server time
    • Every Saturday at 15:00 server time

Secret Room

Other Changes

  • A Record Book has been added to the game to show records per class or global
    • You can access this window through¬†Start->Custom Content->Record Book
  • Penya and EXP bars have been added to the guild window to show progress for the next guild level
  • The party window will now show players' locations
  • The "Remove a Pierced Card" option now allows you to remove any card from your gear piece
  • The entire mail UI has been redesigned
  • French and German client translations have been updated
  • Should you die in a ticket area, you will now respawn at the ticket area spawn point instead of Madrigal
  • Garp's Hair has been fixed
  • The bug causing clients to disconnect by flying over certain areas of Madrigal has been fixed
  • The "Device Lost" bug in couple window has been fixed
  • Quest descriptions now show properly in Light theme
  • A small script kiddie message exploit has been fixed

[PvE] Class Balance Changes

  • Billposter/Force Master
    • Asalraalaikum now deals damage again in PvE
  • Jester/Harlequin
    • Hit of Penya now deals damage again in PvE

Additional Notes

  • Level 150 gear will be enabled in PvP 1st of October 2020 onwards

That's all for this patch, we'll see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.