Patch Notes v1.9.0 - Equalized Siege

23 December 2020

Hello all, and welcome to patch v1.9.0!
Today we're implementing our equalized siege system, and new solo dungeons!

Eclipse's 1 year anniversary Event

  • Eclipse FlyFF is one year old!
  • All monsters drop Anniversary Cakes!
  • The top 10 players with the most Anniversary Cakes will be rewarded with great rewards
  • To start out the anniversary we have sent every player 500 Anniversary Cakes
    • 1st Prize: Yggdrasil Weapon with rarity of your choice
    • 2nd Prize: Yggdrasil Armor piece with rarity of your choice
    • 3rd Prize: Kheldor Cloak of your choice
    • 4th Prize: 20,000 Eclipse Suns
    • 5th Prize: Guan Yu Shell of your choice
    • 6th Prize: SFX pet of your choice from any key
    • 7th Prize: Mount of your choice from any key
    • 8th Prize: Costume of your choice
    • 9th Prize: Weapon Aura of your choice
    • 10th Prize: Weapon Skin of your choice
    • On the 4th of January the winners will be decided make sure to have all your cakes on a single character!
  • A x2 EXP event has started! It will last until Wednesday, 30th of December at 23:59 server time
  • A x1.5 Penya event has started! It will last until Sunday, 27th of December at 23:59 server time
  • A Clockworks invasion event will be hosted on Sunday, 27th of December at 15:00 server time

Equalized Guild Siege

  • Our Equalized Guild Siege system is here!
  • This system replaces Guild Siege on Wednesday and Saturday, making it completely equalized
    • This means that everyone will have the same gear inside, just like in FFA and TDM
    • It replaces all sieges for that day, meaning NA, SEA, and EU siege will be equalized on these days
    • Please note these sieges do not award crown or medal
  • Medals and Crowns are now combined into one icon if a player or guild won sieges for more than one region
  • The formula for awarding Red Chips has been revamped
  • All Guild Sieges now give Red Chips

Volcane & Temple of Catan

  • These two dungeons are strictly solo dungeons
  • They drop crafting materials for the new recipes
  • The level requirement is 150~160



  • New materials for crafting have been added to the Forbidden Fruit Shop
  • New recipes have been created for all crafts
    • Tier 1 items are no longer required in recipes
  • Tier 1 masks have been moved from Hero Grade Shop to Masquerpet Coin Shop (5,000 Masquerpet Coins)
  • The price of Tier 1 cloaks has been decreased to 30,000 Forbidden Fruits
  • The price of Tier 1 costumes has been decreased in the World Boss Shop (1,000 Orbs of Huntsman)
    • FWC Bronze Sets have also been added to this shop
  • Teleporter descriptions have been corrected

Donor Store

  • The Glacial Key has been added to the Donor Store
    • This key will be removed with the next big patch
  • The Asteros Key has been added to the Donor Store
  • Old keys containing crafting materials have been replaced with Masterwork Key

That's all for today, see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.