Patch Notes v1.8.11 - Winter Event

16 December 2020

Hi all, and welcome to our Winter Event patch!
Today we're tweaking 160 dungeons, reworking Elite Membership, and starting our Winter Event!

Winter Event

  • Our Winter Event has started!
  • Evil Snowmen will randomly spawn throughout Madrigal
    • The final day for this event is 27th of December
    • You can obtain Snowflakes from these monsters and exchange them for goodies with the Snowman in Flaris

[PvP] Balance Changes

  • Ranger / Crackshooter
    • Increased Auto-Attack's modifier


  • The HP of the mid-bosses and bosses in the following dungeons has been decreased
    • Enmeda Woods
    • Spacetime Factory
    • Soul Sanctuary
  • The item "Scroll of Amplification Q" has been added to the Vote Store
    • This item multiplies your EXP gain by 2
    • It costs 6 VP and lasts 1 hour
    • The level 1 Beginner Box contains one as well
  • The drop rate of the following dungeons has been increased, please note Nightmare Mode has a slightly higher drop chance than Hard Mode
    • Enmeda Woods
    • Spacetime Factory
    • Soul Sanctuary
  • The Elite Membership has received the following changes:
    • Icy Caverns now drops a guaranteed Admiral Key on top of the usual Elite Coins
      • You can get SoSA from the key, and have a chance of obtaining one of the many cosmetic items inside
      • The key has a guarantee limit of 50
    • A few cosmetics were added to the Elite Coin Merchant

That's all for today, see you in-game, and enjoy your end of year festivities!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.