Patch Notes v1.3.5

11 March 2020

Hello all,
Welcome to patch v1.3.5, where we're rebalancing classes in PvE and squashing a bunch of bugs once again!


  • You can now change Hotkeys in the Options window!
  • Hero Grade mounts' speed have been reduced to 450
  • Diamond Treasure Chest's name has been changed to Mystery Treasure Chest
    • This item's description has also been updated
  • Fixed a bug causing beads to not expire
  • Fixed a visual bug in which items would display an incorrect duration in the Duration window (J)
  • The "frozen" state caused by GM commands will no longer allow affected players to trade/teleport/cast skills
  • The drop rate for the following items have been increased in Onima's Cave and Hillid Mountains
    • Stone of Strength
    • Stone of Stamina
    • Stone of Speed
    • Stone of Magic
    • Blue Ore
    • Black Ore
    • Purple Ore
  • The crafting recipe for statted costumes have been corercted
  • The shield phase mechanic for Onima's Cave [Ice Demon] Eva has been removed
  • [Ice Demon] Eva's HP has been slightly increased
  • The level description for the Hillid Mountains dungeon has been corrected in the teleporter menu
  • A few position issues related to S and X keys have been fixed
  • Petfilter now has two new options
    • Everpower, which allows you to pick up all Everpower-related items
    • Crafting, which allows you to pick up all Crafting-related items
  • The chat linking colours for items have been updated
  • Dimensional Ruins now have an image in the teleporter menu
  • Treasure Chest animation speed was increased

[PvE] Class Balance Changes

  • Buffs
    • Blade/Slayer's auto-attack modifier was increased
    • Jester/Harlequin's auto-attack modifier was increased
    • Billposter/Force Master's auto-attack modifier was increased
    • Mana Reward's attack modifier was increased
    • Spectral Javelin's attack modifier was increased
    • Spirit Bomb's attack modifier was increased
  • Nerfs
    • Ranger/Crackshooter's auto-attack modifier was decreased
    • Knight/Templar's auto-attack modifier was decreased
    • Ringmaster/Seraph's auto-attack modifier was decreased

Donor Store

  • A sale has been activated on the website, you will gain +20% DP on each purchase until Sunday, 15th of March at 23:59

Additional Notes

  • Some fine tuning for PvP balance will come in next week's update

Thanks for reading, and see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.