Patch Notes v1.8.6

20 November 2020

Hi all, welcome to patch v1.8.6!
Today we're doing a few fixes, and launching an event for this weekend!


  • Corrected the HP of the monsters in Lands of the Vanquished
  • Fixed the Nightmare mode of Spacetime Factory
  • Fixed a bug making Portgas D. Ace Set appear as white
  • Corrected the ATK of Magi Mushroid, Raven Vanguard, and Boulder Guard
  • Moved [Premium Store] Carnelia, [Forbidden Fruit Merchant] Dior and [Masquerpet Coin Shop] Arnold location

Donor Store

  • The limited keys that were added last patch have been removed

Additional Notes

  • A drop/EXP event is gonna be hosted over the weekend!
    • x2 EXP: All weekend
    • x2 Drop: Sunday 00:00 to 23:59
  • We will also be starting a CW Event on Sunday, at 15:00 server time

That's all for today, see you at the event!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.