Patch Notes v1.8.5

15 November 2020

Hey y'all!
Welcome to our PvP patch, patch v1.8.5! Today, we're patching in level 150 gear for PvP, and rebalancing it entirely. Additionally, we're rebalancing all PvE content so it is easier for newer players to get into.

Balance changes

  • Arcanist
    • Tornado Void has been added
    • HP per STA ratio has been increased
    • Mystical Lippin/Lypine Set now gives 30% HP and 25 STA (from 35% HP and 30 STA)
  • The following rings now give up to +30 STA at +20:
    • Fortified Power Band
    • Flowing Sigil Band
    • Sharp Brisk Band
  • Netherbane Sets now give an additional 15 STA and 10% HP
    • Dagonet's Netherbane Set gives an additional 30 STA and 15% HP instead

[PvP] Balance changes

  • Equalized gear has been updated to include level 150 gear, along with Legatus Brooch and Relics
    • Please note Relic of Barriers is the only relic blocked from PvP
  • All classes
    • Modifiers for all skills have been updated to follow the new gear balance
  • Cloak of the Dragon now gives an additional 16% HP
  • Dragon Armor Suit now gives an additional 4% HP


  • Level 135 dungeons: All bosses and mid-bosses have had their HP and ATK nerfed
    • Those should now be clearable alone with very little gear, without investing any point into STA
  • Level 150 dungeons: All bosses and mid-bosses have had their HP and ATK nerfed
  • Level 160 dungeons: All bosses and mid-bosses have had their ATK slightly nerfed
  • Nightmare mode has been added to the following dungeons:
    • Enmeda Woods
    • Spacetime Factory
    • Soul Sanctuary
      • Please note it does not loot anything additional for now, it will loot exclusive items starting next patch
  • All monsters in the following areas have had their ATK and HP nerfed:
    • Cendil Ice Ruins
    • Sengius Forest
    • Nevermelting Snowlands
    • Colossal Canyon
    • Lands of the Vanquished
    • Shade's Hallow
    • Bubble's Skygarden
  • Ivilis Boxter's and Ivilis Otem's HPs have been nerfed
  • All World Bosses have been reworked:
    • Base HP: 3,880,000,000 => 2,000,000,000
    • Bonus HP per additional player attacking (past 5): 50,000,000 => 125,000,000
    • Zadkiel's triple hit has been removed
  • Level 135 dungeons now have a guaranteed chance to drop a (Special) LvL 135 Gear Box
    • Upon opening it, you will be able to choose the piece of gear you want
    • Please note the rarity of that gear will be random
  • Shops have been moved to Flaris
  • Flaris has been reverted to the regular map

Donor Store

  • (Deluxe) Halloween Keys have been removed from the Donor Store
  • All of the non-event old keys have been added back to the Donor Store
    • They will be available until Patch v1.8.6 (equalized siege patch), which should be added in two to three days

That's all for today, see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.