Patch Notes v1.8.4

06 November 2020

Hi everyone, welcome to patch v1.8.4!
Today we're bumping up drop rates, and fixing some more expansion stuff.


  • Hero Grade World Bosses now have a higher chance of dropping drop Everdust
  • All World Bosses have had their card drop rates increased
    • Please note Hero Grade World Bosses have a higher drop rate than normal ones
  • Coral Island has been added back into the game due to a lot of demand
  • Legatus Brooch now has a level requirement of 150
  • Mushmoot in Sengius Forest should no longer double hit

Additional Notes

  • We have decided to keep level 135 equipment dismantleable for the time being
  • The PvP patch is taking more time than planned as we want to rework the (awfully bad) eFlyFF siege code to work with our equalized system
    • Please note equalized siege will be hosted two days a week and will not yield medals nor crowns
  • The bead dungeons will be released sometime next week
  • With the next big patch, Wednesday Secret Room and all siege times will be moved one hour earlier

That's it for today, see you in-game!
The Eclipse FlyFF staff team.