[3.2.5] Calm Before the Storm Patch
09 October 2019

A patch that bridges the space between last update and the release of our new Hero Grade system next update. Come see the changes and fixes happening today!

[3.2.4] Home Makeover Patch
25 September 2019

Guild furniture has arrived on the server, and other needed fixes and changes have arrived as well. Come see everything we've done in this update!

[3.2.3] Endless Treasure Hotfix
19 September 2019

This is a hotfix for the latest update, come explore the quick changes and things we've fixed since the last update! Thanks for being patient with us during this time.

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In-game Item/Vote Shop

10 July 2019

Visiting the website is a thing of the past, manage all of your business right here in-game! Buy your items in bulk, or one at a time! Click "B" in-game to access our new interface for the shops!