Everything you need to know to get started.


Character Creation on Eclipse is easy, functional and highly customizable.

All Characters start off as their Second Job, so simply select your desired Class, Gender, and starting Fashion Combination to create your ideal Character!

Give yourself a cool name, don’t forget to set your unique four-digit Bank PIN, and you’re ready to go!


Now that you’ve entered the game, you’ll find yourself in North Flarine.

One of the most important things you’ll want to check out is the Beginner Box in your inventory.
Double-click it to open, and you’ll receive a Pick-Up pet, a Hybrid Mount (click here to view the in-depth guide) and some consumables!


At Eclipse, we’ve decided that Blinkwings are a clunky and outdated system - they’re expensive, they take up far too much Inventory space and you’re always forgetting them or running out.

Instead, you can press V to open the teleport menu and teleport, as many times as you’d like, for free.

Never worry about having to use that 5-minute Town teleport again! Pretty cool, huh?


Now, it’s time to start leveling up. Make sure you head over to the Buff Ball at the North Flarine Bridge first to get a full set of buffs, then head out towards Aibatts to start gaining some EXP!

Note: Make sure you remember to activate your Upcut Stones while leveling, as they’ll make the experience far quicker!


Figuring out the leveling path on Eclipse is super simple.

Just take a look at the Teleport menu, and all of the leveling areas will be listed in order at the top of the list, with all of the monster levels clearly displayed.

You’ll want to stick to monsters no more than 9 levels higher than you.

At level 73, you might want to deviate from this path and head over to Azria. Tickets are available from the Premium Merchant in Central Flarine.


Finding the Weapons you need has never been easier.
From levels 1 - 45, all the Weapons you need can be found by killing normal monsters around Madrigal.

Once you reach level 60, you’ll need to start killing Giants to find new Weapons as you level up.

From level 120 on, all Weapons and Armors will only be attainable in Dungeons, but until then, all Armor set pieces will simply drop from normal monsters.


Let’s take a look at the Skills and Abilities you’ll have available, and how you can make use of them.

On Eclipse there are no Skill Points, and all you need to do to obtain a skill is reach the Level Requirement for the Skill in question.

Once you’ve reached the correct level, simply press K to open your Skill Window and drag the skill you want to use down to your Hotkey Bar.

If the skill has no Cooldown, it can be added to your Action Slot to be cast up to 5 times with one keypress.


Once you hit level 120 and reach 99.99% EXP, you’ll be prompted to return back to level 60.

The Master/Hero system on Eclipse is very similar to the one you’re familiar with. You’ll level your way back up to 120, acquiring extra Stat Points along the way, to become a true Hero.

Once you become Master, you’ll also have access to one new special ‘Mastery’ ability per class.


Once you reach level 130, you’ll have access to the Third Job for your class.

Third Jobs provide you with a handful of new and powerful abilities for your class.

You do not need to do anything special to reach your Third Job, just level up to 130 and you’ll receive a window prompt. Hit ‘Accept’ and check out your brand new abilities!


You’re getting strong and you’re almost ready to head out on your own!

Many fun and exciting things await you as you reach the level cap on Eclipse.

With Dungeons and Raids, exciting PvP and brand new challenges, it’s time to unlock your true potential.

Welcome to Eclipse, and we hope you enjoy your stay!