[3.2.3] Endless Treasure Hotfix

19 September 2019

Eclipse FlyFFers,

A hotfix for the latest update was applied today. When we shoot to fix server-wide issues, we do so in a very cautious manner to make sure that we don't end up ruining a good thing. In this instance, we overshot that cautious mannerism and it resulted in the Shining Oris from Frostwind not being quite where we wanted... amidst other changes, let's check them all out!


  • We have slightly increased the amount of Shining Oris that you can get from Frostwind Giants.
  • Update several item icons to be more visually appealing and indicative of what the item is. 
  • Severely improved the quality and appearance of the textures on the custom Diamond Chest rewards.
    • Bowser Shell
    • Pokemon Trainer Costume & Backwear
    • Goku Costume & Backwear
    • Piccolo Costume & Backwear
  • Resolved an issue where the Demonic Fire Giant Weapon Skin line was not showing up on clients. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Frostbane Bow, Staff and Wand SFX was showing a white box. 
  • We've increased the amount of Diamond Chests you can get from the 150 World Bosses. 
  • The "Re-rollable Awakening Lines" are now more visible on the weapon/armor tooltips.
  • All of the "Re-rollable Awakening Lines" have been fixed, so you can now use Power Serums.
    • This system is very simple, just use your Power Serum on your armor/weapon to see the lines.
    • You can continue to re-use the Power Serum to continue re-rolling all of the lines (up to 3).
  • Guan Yu Heavyshield will no longer have a "rage" mode attached to his damage while being under 20% HP.
  • Dreadful Rangda's World Boss notification will now be more indicative of her location when she spawns. 
  • You will now be able to see the stat information for INT-specific diamonds in the weapon tooltip. 
  • Resolved an issue where the inventory would stop showing tooltips after teleporting/seeing the loading screen.
  • Fixed a client crash that has effected various users.
  • Resolved an issue with the Party Finder system where parties were not showing in the correct order of members.


  • PvE Changes
    • Templars will now do more damage with their Auto Attacks. 


The end of the summer auction is right around the corner, happening this weekend on Sunday (September 22nd, 2019). In terms of how it'll work, it's very simple! At 23:59 Server Time on Sunday, we will be counting how many blossoms everyone has on their characters. So make sure to put ALL of your blossoms on ONE character! We will then distribute prizes based on that. Don't forget the prizes will go as follows:

  • [First Place] Soulreaver Weapon, Legendary Rarity, +20
  • [Second Place] Soulreaver Set w/ Epic Rarities, +16
  • [Third Place] Kalgas Set w/ Legendary Rarities, +10
  • [4th to 6th Place] eFlyFF Pick-up Pet of Choice (0/9)
  • [7th to 11th Place] Any Non-Statted eFlyFF Costume Set of Choice
  • [12th to 22nd Place] Any Weapon Skin (Item Shop excluded, but includes unavailable v18 Skins)

If you win one of the higher prizes, you may choose to instead get one of the lower prizes instead of your original prize. I will be contacting the owner of all of the accounts that win! 

Thanks for participating in the End of the Summer auction!

Don't forget about our Sunday update which will feature Guild Furniture, PvP fixes/balance, fixes the existing Royal Rumble map, as well as a stab at filler loot for 150 Easy and Normal difficulty dungeons! It will be another great step in the correct direction and we can't wait to share it with you. Thanks for the support, again!

As always, enjoy Eclipse and see you for the next update!