[3.2.2] Endless Treasure Update

18 September 2019

Eclipse FlyFFers,

Another Wednesday, another update! We've been working hard on this one since we know that the dungeon situation at the end of the game is less than desirable. As such, we're throwing together some new ideas and bringing you a system that we think will truly incentivize the players to take more stabs at running the hard mode dungeons! Of course, we have some balance related things as well as other changes making their appearance in this update.


In today's update we introduce the "Treasure Chest" system here to Eclipse. There are three chests now available to the public, including the Silver, Gold, Diamond Chests. They are accompanied by their counterparts, the Silver, Gold and Diamond Key. Inside of these chests are a variety of great rewards, with Diamond being the most exclusive and best rewards, and Silver and Gold giving ample rewards as well!

You will use a key of the same level to open a chest, meaning that the Diamond Key opens the Diamond Chest. No key will work on a chest that does not correlate to it. So you cannot use a Diamond Key to open a Silver Chest.

The key's can be obtained as follows... Silver Key is obtained from the Vote Store (Click B)Gold Key is obtained from all Level 150 Hard Mode DungeonsDiamond Key is obtained from the Item Mall (Click B).

Of course, I'm sure you're curious what you can get from these awesome chests!


Obtained from Dark Traseia as a random drop from the 150 monsters there.

  • Sunstone x25, x50, x100, x200 or x1000
  • Moonstone x25, x50, x100, x200 or x1000
  • Shining Oricalkum x5, x10, x20 or x100
  • Holy Scroll x3, x7 or x25
  • Remantis Laccotte x5, x12 or x25
  • Gem of Rarity Re-Roll x1 or x3
  • Tiny Tanuki 
  • Little Lykan
  • Ballroom Mask Loot Box



Obtained from Frostwind as a random drop from the giants there.

  • Sunstone x50, x150, x300, x1000 or x5000
  • Moonstone x50, x150, x300, x1000 or x5000
  • Shining Oricalkum x15, x30, x100 or x500
  • Power Serum x5, x10, x20 or x50
  • Iredescent Power Serum x2, x5, x10 or x20
  • Gem of Rarity Re-Roll x2, x3, x5 or x10
  • Script of Rarity Fusing x1 or x2
  • Flask of Force
  • Flask of Magic
  • Flask of Agility
  • Flask of Stamina
  • Fire Giant Weapon Smart Box
  • Yetti Sets
  • FWC Costume Loot Box



Obtained from World Bosses (guaranteed drop).

  • Iredescent Power Serum x5, x10, x20, x50 or x100
  • Flask of Force x1 or x3
  • Flask of Magic x1 or x3
  • Flask of Agility x1 or x3
  • Flask of Stamina x1 or x3
  • Bowser' Shell 
  • Goku SSJ Hair
  • Goku Costume
  • Piccolo Costume
  • Piccolo's Mantle
  • Pokemon Trainer Set (M)
  • Pokemon Trainer Set (F)
  • Pokemon Trainer Backpack (M)
  • Pokemon Trainer Backpack (F)
  • Demonic Fire Giant Weapon Smart Box
  • Regal Warrior Set
  • Dream Princess Set
  • Dark Kitten Set (M)
  • Dark Kitten Set (F)
  • Infernus SFX Pet
  • Adbane SFX Pet
  • Dark Night Evil Wings
  • Abyss Evil Wings
  • Golden Dazzle Wings
  • Crimson Lotus Dazzle Wings
  • Frostbane Weapon Aura
  • Shadowbite Weapon Aura


  • Tab was adjusted earlier in the one week period to target your nearest enemy, and then tabbing will switch targets.
  • The amount of Shining Orichalkums in Frostwind has been reduced to accomodate the new Treasure Chest system. 
  • The Cash Shop weapon glows for Yo-Yos have been adjusted to be a more precise glow.
  • Diamonds now cost more inside of the Nefarious Medallion store. 
  • Fixed a visual glitch that was occurring frequently on characters where their armor would appear through their costume.
  • We've decreased the prices of the FWC Sets and the Masks inside of the Guild Siege NPC. 
    • They are now 5,000 and 3,500 respectively, instead of 7,500 and 5,000. 
  • You should now receive two of each consumable inside of TDM and FFA instead of just one. 
  • The stat "Damage" has been properly adjusted to "Skill Damage" and will effect only skill damage. 
  • The drop-rate of all Epic and Legendary weapons and armor pieces inside of the hard-mode dungeons has been increased. 
  • The Royal Rumble (FFA) map has been adjusted to the original FWC map size. 
  • All masks have been wiped from the server and the characters.
    • Anyone who bought a mask from the Guild Siege NPC will be refunded the amount of chips they spent!


  • PvE Changes
    • Spectral Javelin now has a higher PvE modifier than before. 
    • Astral Moon now has a higher PvE modifier than before. 


  • All limited edition cosmetics & items from last Wednesday are removed. 
  • The Silver Key has been added to the Vote Store.
  • The Diamond Key has been added to the Item Store. 
  • The Voter's Gambling Loot Box has been removed from the Vote Store.


The end of the summer auction is right around the corner, happening this weekend on Sunday (September 22nd, 2019). In terms of how it'll work, it's very simple! At 23:59 Server Time on Sunday, we will be counting how many blossoms everyone has on their characters. So make sure to put ALL of your blossoms on ONE character! We will then distribute prizes based on that. Don't forget the prizes will go as follows:

  • [First Place] Soulreaver Weapon, Legendary Rarity, +20
  • [Second Place] Soulreaver Set w/ Epic Rarities, +16
  • [Third Place] Kalgas Set w/ Legendary Rarities, +10
  • [4th to 6th Place] eFlyFF Pick-up Pet of Choice (0/9)
  • [7th to 11th Place] Any Non-Statted eFlyFF Costume Set of Choice
  • [12th to 22nd Place] Any Weapon Skin (Item Shop excluded, but includes unavailable v18 Skins)

If you win one of the higher prizes, you may choose to instead get one of the lower prizes instead of your original prize. I will be contacting the owner of all of the accounts that win! 

Thanks for participating in the End of the Summer auction!


  • The "End of the Summer Auction" has officially ended. 
  • The "Scroll of Superior Awakening Sale" has officially ended.

Thanks for being patient with us this week as we dealt with exploits, issues and other concerns around the server. Our next update will be Sunday, and it will feature Guild Furniture systems and various other goodies. Can't wait for you guys to see what we have in store that's coming right around the corner...

As always, enjoy Eclipse and see you for the next update!