[3.2.0] Eclipse World Championship Update

05 September 2019

Hello Eclipsians,

Sorry for the delay on this update, but we surely hope that you find it worth it. We've included a lot of the things being asked for and hope that you enjoy them. Please let us know how you enjoy the update by joining us in our official Discord! Remember to continue to vote daily for Eclipse, and thanks for all your support as always, let's continue climbing to the top together!

A great festival of competition has arrived on Eclipse and the greatest heroes from all over the land are arriving on our continent of Eclipse to participate. Will you be the one that stands victorious after the massacre ends? Test yourself and become the strongest there's ever been, or end up like the rest... thirsting for that one day you experience the sweet glory of a championship!

  • This system does not require any sort of gear at all, all that is required is a level 1 character. 
  • This is an equalized game-mode, you will be given two sets appropriate for your class. 
  • You can receive up to 40 perin participating in this system!
  • This system will run every two hours, on the hours that the equalized TDM system is not running. 
  • FFA runs on every odd hour of the day, so 1PM, 3PM, 5PM etc. 
  • Participate in both the FFA system as well as the TDM system to maximize your profits from the systems!


  • Sweet Ddukguk has been decreased in price to be more reasonable for PvP players in Guild Siege. 
  • Yellow Pill, Seafood Pancake and Remantis Laccotte are now disabled in all PvP areas. 
  • The Gem of Rarity Re-Rolling now has a higher chance of resulting in success. 
  • All of the various Item Shop Knuckle skins have had their models adjusted so they're more visibly appealing.
  • Equalized FFA has been implemented into Eclipse and will rotate on a hourly schedule with Equalized TDM. 
  • Tab Targetting has begun its re-work in this update. As of now, you should always tab the nearest target to you in PvP areas.
    • We are actively working on this and will continue improving it as we get time. 
  • We've fixed the auto attack animation for male Billposters, so their rotation is now 4 hits instead of 3 hits.
  • We've swapped the Crigok and Qulla waves inside of the Temple of Catan. 
  • The Travelling Merchant Alwin has been spotted in Flaris! He's collecting Flowers, can you help him?
  • Equalized TDM now has a class balancing system, you should no longer have an unbalanced amount of one class on a team.
  • We've fixed an issue inside of TDM where you can sometimes spawn inside of one of the four pillars inside of the arena. 
  • You should no longer receive bonuses from having a couple online while inside of the equalized gamemodes. 
  • The Red/Blue Chip Store will have statted masks available in the next update (probably Sunday). They will not be available elsewhere. 


  • (GEAR) Slayer 150 weapons now have 10% Speed in the effect.
  • (GEAR) Wedge (the level 45 Assist Set) now has 5% MP instead of 10% MP. 
  • (GEAR) Arezzo (the level 150 Force Master Set) now has an additional bonus of 20% Casting Time.
  • (EFFECT) The skill Rage will no longer give a Speed bonus. 
  • (EFFECT) The Templar passive Swordcross will now last for 4s instead of 3s on the target.
  • (EFFECT) We've decreased the range that Pandemonium can be casted to 6m.
  • (EFFECT) Dark Illusion will now only last 8.5s and has a 20 second cooldown again.
  • (EFFECT) Wind Mastery has been increased to 20% Speed instead of 10% Speed to match Seraphs.
  • (PVE) Seraphs will now do more damage with their Auto Attacks.
  • (PVE) We've increased the damage modifier of Mana Reward. 
  • (PVP) Slayers will now do more damage with their Auto Attacks. 
  • (PVP) We've increased the damage modifier of Shield Bash and Sky Splitter. 
  • (PVP) Templars will now do more damage with their Auto Attacks. 
  • (PVP) Sneak Stab now does insignificant damage in PvP, but has 100% stun chance. 
  • (PVP) Cross Line has been reverted to how it was prior to update 3.1.0.
    • SIDE: We will be prioritizing fixing Harlequin's Greeting getting players "stuck" and expect to have it resolved by Sunday.
  • (PVP) Iceshark no longer will do any sort of significant damage and has a 0s cooldown. 
  • (PVP) Void now does significant damage and has a 10 second cooldown. 
  • (PVP) Force Masters will now do slightly less damage with their Auto Attacks. 
  • (PvP) Asal now does significantly less damage due to its scaling with the SoSA.


  • Last week's limited edition costumes, cloaks and hybrid mount have been removed from the store. 
  • We've added in a new batch of limited edition items for purchase this week. 
    • Exclusive anime costumes have been added. 
    • The Pixel Weapon/Skin/Hat/Cloak have been added. 
    • The Horse Hybrid Mount Loot Boxes have been added. 


Eclipse is starting a monthly donor first-come-first-serve speedgrab process for exclusive items! How will this work, you ask? Well, we're doing tons of exclusive item re-colors and more and will sell them to the first-come-first-serve people that want them up to a certain amount! In this month's speed-grab, we are going to be selling:







They will sell for 50 euros each and there will only be 5 of each shield and cloak available. If you are not in the first 5, you will NOT receive a cloak or shield. 

How to get one:

  • These will be available for purchase on Saturday at 20:00 Server Time. 
  • You will PM @ProtosHeis on the Discord with the item you want. 
  • If you were one of the first 5 to message him after 20:00 Server Time, you will be notified.
  • ProtosHeis will then give you instructions after that on how to receive your prize!




You can see the event graphic below for the end of the summer auction! You will be collecting blossoms from all over the server's enemies and use them as a bidding tool for the end of the summer auction. But, what can you win you ask? Well, I'd say you better get farming because here's the prizes we'll be auctioning!

  • (1 Winner) Soulreaver Weapon, Legendary Rarity, +20
  • (1 Winner) Soulreaver Set w/ Epic Rarities, +16
  • (1 Winner) Kalgas Set w/ Legendary Rarities, +10
  • (3 Winners) eFlyFF Pick-up Pet of Choice (0/9)
  • (5 Winners) Any Not Statted eFlyFF Fashion Set of Choice
  • (10 Winners) Any Weapon Skin (not Item Shop skins), this includes unreleased v18 Weapon Skins


Get to collecting, as these are some significant rewards!


With the implementation of both TDM and FFA in equalized formats, we believe that PvPers are truly at home here now. Please bring all of your friends to experience the content, they don't need any gear or even a leveled character to be able to participate! Thanks for being supportive and we have a lot of other great content coming right on the horizon.

As always, enjoy Eclipse and see you for the next update!