[3.1.0] Summer Event Palooza

30 August 2019

Hello Eclipsians,

This will be a quick description. We're launching some events. HAVE FUN with Eclipse and see you guys for another update ASAP to fix and resume content creation on our server! Have a great weekend!

General Changes

  • You should no longer crash when you equip items randomly on certain characters.
  • The Event GM shop has been updated with a large amount of pick-up pet boxes.
  • A description has been added to the Hot Ddukguk to prevent new players from buying them mistakenly.
  • The TDM store has been updated to include three new FWC sets, as well as adjust the price of Aqua Shards.
    • Top-tier PvP players should receive roughly 30p in each TDM.
    • Bronze FWC is a tank set: 5% HP, 10% Defense, 15 STA, 5% Damage Reduction and 10% Speed.
    • Silver FWC is a PvE set: 5% PvE Damage, +10 All Stats, 5% Attack, 10% Speed.
    • Gold FWC is a PvP set: 5% PvP Damage, +10 All Stats, 5% Attack, 10% Speed.
  • Colosseum mode now officially has normal mode for the players to participate in.
  • You will now receive double the amount of coins as previously on Team Deathmatch.
  • A Voter Gambling Loot Box has been added to the Voting Store.
    • You can receive 10k coins to purchase a FWC set from this voting loot-box as a grand prize.
  • The final boss of Colosseum is no longer kite-able.


Balance Changes (PvP Only)

  • Hot Ddukguk now heals for 125k instead of 200k. It was overkill. 
  • Guard can no longer be used in PvP areas like Siege and TDM. 
  • Cross Line no longer does any sort of significant damage. 
  • Sneak Stab no longer has a chance of stunning at all. 
  • If you're under the effect of Stone Feet you can no longer take any damage. 
  • Stonehand now gives 15% additional Attack Speed. 
  • Priest Grasp now has 12 second cooldown instead of 8 seconds. 
  • Light Nebula now does significantly less damage. 



  • We've launched two events for you today!
    • You can now receive Blossoms from all monsters and the ground throughout Eclipse. We will be hosting a magnificant auction at the end of the event where you can use Blossoms to participate in the bids on exclusive items that will not be released again!
    • You can also kill Mocomochi throughout Eclipse to receive Flowers which will be exchangable starting on Sunday. 

Enjoy the events and we'll see you for the next update!

As always, enjoy Eclipse and see you for the next update!