[3.0.2] The Colosseum Unearthed

28 August 2019

Hello Eclipsians,

In this update we've fixed tons of issues and implemented the new Colosseum system here onto Eclipse. Come explore the changes that we've made today, including balancing and other changes and fixes that have been required since the launch of Eclipse. We're constantly working on improving the quality of life and experience here and working with the players to create an overall better QoL for everyone playing. Check out what was done!

Colosseum has arrived in Eclipse! Take on the challenges that it presents with a party and earn the rewards. It includes all of the original mechanics of the original Colosseum, including shadow-version of the bosses. Don't be tricked, and win the fight! This is the only place to earn Gem of Rarity Re-Roll and the Script of Rarity Fusing. 

As of now, only Hard Mode is approachable, but Normal Mode will be coming ASAP.

General Updates

  • The GM Event Store will be hotfixed at some point this week. We did not finish the work we wanted to because we're adding some really good things in there that take some additional time.
  • The Mythical Fae Coin store has officially been removed from Eclipse.
  • Flaris has been updated to have the original walk-ways and various gaps and spaces.
  • The Team Deathmatch equipment awakenings have been updated to accomodate the new Scroll of Superior Awakening values.
  • Epic Spirits are now available in the Dismantling Store for those that need to use them before getting Legendary Spirits.
  • The Seraph class in Team Deathmatch is now Stick-based instead of Knuckle-based.
  • The price of Spirit Awakening and Spirit Reversions have been increased in the Dismantling Store.
  • Bloody Weapons have now been added to the Blue Chip store.
    • We have more plans on renovating the Red and Blue Chip stores soon. 
  • All of the current Item Shop Weapon Auras besides the Shadowbite Aura have been re-done and look great in-game now!
  • Hot Ddukguk will now heal you instantly for 200k instead of 75k.
  • Slayers and Templars will now get their mercenary buffs from the Buff Ball.
  • The Soulreaver Cleaver and Soulreaver Slayer now give an additional Speed bonus.
  • The Team Deathmatch arena now has obstacles littered throughout it!
  • The 2H Axe weapon skin models have been fixed to be the appropriate size and look better.

The TDM Store

After a lot of debate and consideration on how the TDM Store should be with the ability to gear up through PvP, we've finally come to the decision to add just Aqua Shards and the Scroll of Awakening Protection to it. This will allow the PvE players to continue selling upgrade materials, weapons and armor and various other PvE-dropped items to the PvP players that are gearing up through utilization of the TDM. So basically, you earn straight perin from doing well in the TDM system!

We will be adding the FWC Sets to the store in the upcoming update as well.

Balance Changes (PvP Only)

We will be fixing Stone Feet in the hotfix update coming this week. We will also be assessing Attack Speed on the auto attacking classes as well as looking a bit more deeply into the issues such as the lag that comes after the swap for certain Auto Attack classes. As for now, here are the changes made in this balance update:

  • Arezzo will be improved in the next update and Wedge will not be as strong.
  • Slayer's auto attack damage has been severely decreased.
  • Empower Weapon no longer gives increased Speed on the effect.
  • Berserk will now give a higher amount of Speed on the effect than before. 
  • Rage no longer gives increased Speed on the effect.
  • Dark Illusion now has a duration of 11 seconds instead of 8 seconds. 
  • Dark Illusion now has a cooldown of 24 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
  • Counter Attack will no longer do any sort of substantial damage at all. 
  • Pandemonium now has a further casting range.
  • Sneak Stab now does moderately less damage. 
  • Sneak Stab now has a slightly higher range.
  • Cross Line now has a guaranteed stun.
  • Cross Line now has a 5.5 second cooldown. 
  • Crackshooter now does moderately less damage on their auto attacks. 
  • Ice Arrow now does significant damage.
  • Ice Arrow now has a 2.5s duration on it's slow (the chance effect still remains). 
  • Triple Shot no longer does any sort of significant damage. 
  • Silent Shot will now do slightly less damage that Triple Shot did, (Silent Shot not Silent Arrow).
  • EVA Storm now does moderately less damage. 
  • Light Nebula now has a range of 6m instead of 2m. 
  • Light Nebula now does significantly more damage. 
  • Mana Reward now has a range of 10m instead of 8m.
  • Mana Reward now does slightly more damage per hit. 
  • Seraphs will now do a moderately increased amount of damage per auto attack. 
  • Priest Grasp no longer has an infinite range, and now has a 10m range. 
  • Blood Fist no longer has a bleed effect.

We're going to be doing another update at some point this week, and we hope that you'll be around for it! Again, thanks for all of the support that you've shown us throughout the last couple of weeks and we really appreciate it.

As always, enjoy Eclipse and see you for the next update!