[2.6.4] Progression Update

07 August 2019

Hello Eclipsians,

Thanks for being patient with us as we finished the maintenance, and as always, thanks for sticking around and supporting us as much as you guys do. We're working hard to make sure the server is in a state that we can retain as many players as possible that give the server a try. See what's in today's update...


  • Shops have been added back to Flaris, and the design of Flaris has changed to accomodate the amount of shops we expect there. 
  • There is now a new arena implemented, give it a try by accessing it via the arena manager!
  • The armor and weapon droprate for level 1 to 105 has been severely increased for new players who struggle to get equipment. 
  • The amount of Dragon Hearts dropped from invasions, World Bosses and Secret Room have been increased.
  • Fixed an issue in Dekane Mines that were causing some high-fruit dropping monsters to spawn too quickly.
  • Increased the amount of fruit that the smaller monsters in Dekane dropped to compensate for the issue.
  • We've increased the amount of perin that drops from Onima Cave and Dark Magic Prison to be comparable to Goldflower Temple. 
  • The Guaranteed Ultimate System that was introduced on Monday should now be working as intended. 
  • A massive client optimization has been implemented into your clients, this will remove swap lag and severely improve single-client experience.
  • The anonymous costume feature of Guild Siege has been removed since the model caching system in the client optimization has been implemented. 
  • Secret Room is now twice a week, Wednesday/Saturday. The Secrert Room begins operations at 20:00 Server Time.
  • The amount of Secret Silvers given for the winning Guild of Secret Room has been adjusted.
  • Shining Orichalkums have been added as a drop to the Frostwind giants for additional farming. 
  • Sweet Ddukguk can no longer be used in PvP areas. 
  • The item Refresher Hold should now fully restore your MP after detecting any swap in your equipment.
  • Hot Ddukguk now properly works and does not share a cooldown with any healing items. 
  • If you disconnect during, or before siege with less than 6 members lined up, you will now lose 1 life per 10 seconds instead of all of your lives.
  • Hard Mode dungeon difficulty will no longer drop Uncommon rarities, and only Rare or above now.


  • We've got the following systems nearing completion, and should have them available for the server by next Wednesday. As a result, Wednesday's patch will be much longer than normal updates as we thoroughly test everything involved in the changes. 
    • Equalized Team Deathmatch
    • Buyback System
    • Quick Sell
  • Also, a rarity re-roll and fusing system are on their way to Eclipse and are expected to arrive in Wednesday's update. Both systems are very simple to understand how to use. 
    • For the re-roll system, you will be able to re-roll your current two rarities on your weapon or armor piece to two different (or the same) stats. Meaning STR/STR could be re-rolled to STR/STA, or DEX/STA, etc but still maintaining the same amount of stats. 
    • For the fusing system, you will be able to fuse a stronger rarity onto your weapon or armor piece. As an example, if you've got a 5 STR/5 STA sword, and you happen to buy or drop a 25 STR/25 STR sword, you can fuse the 25 STR/25 STR sword onto your 5 STR/5 STA sword and your 5 STR/5 STA sword would now have the 25/25 STR rarity. Keep in mind, this will destroy the original 25/25 rarity weapon. Your original weapon will be kept in the exact same shape, meaning upgrades, piercings, cards and everything else will persist the fuse. You must have the same exact item to fuse it onto another item. 
  • If we should finish any of the systems before Wednesday, we will implement them after thorough testing before Wednesday! This means as soon as the testing is completed, we're going to do an update to get them implemented ASAP. 


  • Rage and Guard now cancel each other and cannot be used together.
  • Rage now has a -10% HP debuff attached to the skill to get Templar's HP in more alignment with other classes while still being more. 
  • Force Masters will now deal more damage with their Auto Attacks in PvP.


  • We were unable to get Ringmaster in for this update. It's being worked on and should be available in the next update. 
  • We're working on re-doing the FlyFF animation engine which will allow us to properly speed up the animation of any skill without breaking them. 
  • After the animation fix, the speed of several skills will be increased to benefit the class during PvP.


  • The price of the Quantum Freeze has been lowered to 6 Vote Points. 
  • All of the current limited edition items have been removed from the Item Shop. 
  • The Stormbringer Vayu Loot Box has been added for a limited time, it is a hybrid mount. 
  • The Divine Weapon Skin Set has been permanently added to the Item Shop. 
  • A whole assortment of limited edition Backwear and Costumes have been added to the Item Shop.

Wednesday should be one of the largest, ground-breaking updates of Eclipse history, so we hope that you're there and ready to experience it with us. We hope you've had a great time with us so far!

As always, see you for the next update and enjoy playing Eclipse!