[2.6.3] Balance Hotfix on August 5th

05 August 2019

Hello Eclipsians,

Today is a balance update with a small change to the ultimate upgrading system, and we'll have a much larger content-driven update on Wednesday. Thanks for being part of Eclipse as we work through the things that will help us become the greatest server to exist! Here are the patch notes for today. 


  • We have now added a "guaranteed success after x failures" ultimate system to weapons and armor.
  • Hot Ddukguk should no longer share a cooldown with Battleground Tonic. It can now be used.
  • Seraph buffs should now be usable for the Seraph class while in siege.
  • Refresher Holds should now detect a change in MP and automatically fully refill your MP after a swap.
  • There are now 13 lives in Guild Siege instead of the original 20. 


  • Enchant Weapon now gives 15% speed for Slayers and Templars. 
  • Berserk now gives 10% Speed instead of 15% Speed because of the Enchant Weapon change.
  • Templars auto attack's have been made stronger in this update.
  • Shield Bash now has an 8 second cooldown, but the duration of the stun is now 2s instead of 1s.
  • Rage now has a 10% movement speed increase on the self-buff.
  • Hit of Penya has been nerfed in damage to hopefully prevent a full STR Harlequin from killing full STA targets in HP gear.
  • Pandemonium has been increased to compensate for the loss of damage on Hit of Penya. 
  • Sneak Stab has been reduced in damage due to Harlequin's already very high damage kit. 
  • Harlequin's now have less HP than they did before in their 135 set and weapon. 
  • Condor's Dive will now do more damage. It was overnerfed when I nerfed it last time. 
  • Eye of the Hawk and Spirit of the Hawk cannot be used in the Guild Siege arena from now on.
  • Electric Shock has been increased in damage, but now has an 18 second cooldown instead of 15 seconds.
  • Iceshark has been slightly increased in damage, and now has a 7 second cooldown instead of 10 seconds.
  • Aether Grasp has been slightly increased in damage. 
  • Spirit Bomb has been decreased in damage, and will now travel at the same speed as Pandemonium.
  • Satanology now has a 10 second cooldown instead of 8 seconds.



  • We're going to be reworking the FlyFF animation engine to allow faster animations for skills with short hitframes. 
  • Guard and Rage will cancel each other in the next update, and be sped up in animation speed.
  • Drawing will be working as expected in the next update. 
  • Elementor SFX so no longer cause micro-lag for bad PCs after the next update. 
  • Seraph class will be receiving two Stick damage skills in the next update, one burst damage like Aether Grasp, and one sustained damage.
  • We're still working on figuring out a way to prevent Harlequin's Greeting from getting Harlequins stuck outside of the arena. 

We have a larger more server-focused update on Wednesday, so we hope you're all there to experience that with us. Thanks again for supporting us through it all and we're hoping to get equalized PvP out to you all as soon as possible. It will be a great system for everyone to enjoy. 

As always, see you for the next update and enjoy playing Eclipse!