[2.6.2b] Server Hotfix on August 2nd

02 August 2019

Hello Eclipsians,

Just a simple hotfix today to address some of the things we've done in the past couple of days, mainly in terms of the shifting of balance and other variables currently at play, we want to make sure these are hotfixed rather than our players waiting for a week to see changes. Thanks for being patient with us as we handle these issues and give you guys all a server to enjoy playing on.


  • Clicking the "J" window in-game should no longer crash your clients.
  • The 150 World Bosses should now have roughly triple the HP they had before. We will adjust it more if needed.
  • The Hot Ddukguk item has been added as a secondary PvP food, which heals 100k instantly with a 1.5s cooldown.
    • This food is in a testing status, it will be adjusted if needed but we feel this was a good base to start from observation.
  • Arnold's shop in Flaris, the Masquerpet Coin Store, should now work again for the players. He was on vacation. 
  • All cloak stats have been properly balanced out, and we will be available for exchanges until Midnight Server Time tomorrow.
    • So you have 24 hours from when this update launched to exchange a cloak you have that was changed.
    • If it's past this time, you will not receive an exchange, there are no exceptions.
    • You also will not be able to exchange any cloaks that were purchased after this update.
  • Frostwind's HP has been decreased from 15m to 10m. We're still assessing ways to improve this experience.


  • Sneak Stab now has a range of 3m instead of 2m.
  • Pandemonium's projectile speed has been slightly decreased.
  • Counter Attack should now be fixed for slightly ranged asals, and now has a 100% guaranteed stun.
  • Triple Shot and Auto Shot have been reverted to their original animations, there is an issue with FlyFF's animation engine.
  • All of the various unpatched Elementor changes are now live, primarily the AoEs and Astral Moon being nerfed.
  • Blinkpool now has a cooldown of 9s, up from 5s.
  • Cimetiere's Scream has been reverted back to it's original status, and has been nerfed in damage.
  • Spirit Bomb's projectile speed has been increased to the originally desired value and its damage has been decreased.
  • Aether Grasp has been given a further increase in damage, it was overnerfed. 
  • Disenchant now has a cooldown of 10s.

As always, enjoy Eclipse and see you for the next update!